The platform that manages your email workflow for you.

With Rejoiner, you get the hands-on consultation of an email marketing agency. Included with your software.

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We've helped brands like these generate 194,117,255.52 in revenue—and counting

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You’re missing out on an additional 20% of revenue. We help you get that back.

Most retailers don’t have the time or resources to optimize their email marketing. That means you leave money on the table—by neglecting the advanced features of your email platform.

Rejoiner gets you the most out of our email marketing—by having our team do the heavy lifting for you.

Within hours of signing up, we integrate your shop into our platform. By the end of the week, we’ll have set up your first campaign together. Then we’ll monitor it, A/B test it, and recommend changes.

When we manage your emails, we do so by pulling data from our best-performing email campaigns. We have an incredible amount of data telling us which email copy, designs, and segmentation drive your particular product the most revenue.

The Rejoiner team is a real pleasure to work with.

It's amazing how they are able to identify the right approach and implement it at an extremely high-level of quality and light years faster than we could do it ourselves.

Micah Cranman

Co-Founder and CEO at

We make email marketing easy.

Email marketing done well increases your revenue per customer by about 15%. Done poorly, it annoys customers and produces unsubscribes.

Usually, the problem with email service providers is they’re not easy to use. To get the most value out of them, you need to:

Train yourself.

Dedicate full-time employees.

Learn from years of testing and failure.

Not with Rejoiner. With us, you get all this immediately:


Choose the right opportunities to focus on based on the behavioral data of your customers.


Power your entire email channel, throughout the entire customer lifecycle, with a single solution.


Work with master email designers and developers with years of eCommerce experience.

Specifically, here's what we do for you.

Migrate contacts from your legacy ESP.

Import historical purchase data.

Integrate Rejoiner into your website.

Analyze purchase data to intelligently segment and automate all your workflows.

Design custom creative adapting all copy and design to your brand.

Develop and test responsive HTML/CSS templates across devices.

Already have an in-house team to manage your email marketing?

No problem. We offer a self-service version of Rejoiner for retailers like you. Schedule your demo to see how we fit into your workflow:

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We understand every phase of the customer lifecycle.

Vehicle Rent increased their online bookings by 270%. Liftopia reduced their cart abandonment rate 15%. Easily—with Rejoiner.


We don't use a templated approach. We actually analyze your customer data with you and develop a strategy that is unique to your business's customer lifecycle.

Smarter Segmentation

Most retailers take wild guesses when segmenting their customers. They assume a champion customer, for example, is someone who purchased a few times and has a lifetime value of $250.

What if they're wrong? They might send the wrong message at the wrong time. Or they might send an offer to a customer who was going to buy organically. Rejoiner segments customers based on behavioral data—automatically. We make it easy for you to identify your high-value customers, new customers with potential, customers who are at risk, and lost customers who aren't worth marketing to any longer.

Purchase Insights



We identify the key events customers experience with your brand. We then optimize your email workflows around those events.

Convert window shoppers into customers

Our algorithms retarget window shoppers with products they’ve viewed, product recommendations, and more‐automatically.

Reduce cart abandonment rate by up to 15%

Follow up with cart abandoners in real-time using messaging specific to their most desired products. Our platform does this for you.

Unlock revenue you didn't realize existed

Our reports show you how much money you’re losing from abandoned carts and why—making it super easy to fill the leaks in your funnel.

Allow shoppers to finish buying on any device

Rejoiner’s automatic session regeneration saves a user’s cart so they can begin checking out on their phone, then later finish on their desktop (and vice versa). Without having to re-enter their data or retrace their steps.

Predict what your customers want to buy next

Our software predicts which products your customers want next. We then email these products proactively for effective cross-selling.

Leverage VIPs

We identify your VIP customers. We then deliver messaging to keep them engaged, drive bonus conversions, and encourage VIPs to become brand ambassadors.

Win back customers that you're about to lose

We analyze your customer purchase lifecycle to identify the exact moment a win-back email campaign is most likely to retain customers.

And, remember, we’re not just guessing.

Rejoiner pulls millions of data points from past successes and pairs them with hands-on consultation. There is no better combination to guarantee better results.

We are able to interact with our customers in a way we did not have before.

We use Rejoiner as an abandoned cart solution and have found it to be an extremely valuable part of our email program. We have found customers are very willing to share why they have abandoned their cart. This invaluable information has allowed us to target them and convert them into happy customers.

Erin Bayer

Director of Marketing at

We've helped brands like these generate 194,117,255.52 in revenue—and counting

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We know how and when to react to customer behavior.

With most other email platforms, once a customer is bucketed into a workflow, they receive automated messages—no matter how they then behave.

This makes your campaigns ineffective—and increases your unsubscribe rates.

Rejoiner is different. Unlike other email platforms, our software responds in real-time to all customer behaviors and actions—so your customers get the right, customized message every single time.

It works. Really well.

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The flexibility of the platform and the ability to trigger for different events surpasses a lot of the tools out there.

Rejoiner’s ability to customize a workflow for the user is amazing. Rejoiner has allowed us to personalize the messaging and put emphasis on the capabilities that we have in their location as well as based on their interest. That the tool is also easy to use has just been a bonus.

Jaa Aguilar

Director of eCommerce at

This is a fundamentally better experience than you've ever had with an email marketing platform.

We’ve surveyed thousands of online brands. They all agree: they want more from their email marketing without having to train new staff.

Schedule a demo to see how Rejoiner is a fresh take on email marketing:

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I already have an ESP.
Why should I switch to Rejoiner?

Frankly, most ESPs have similar features. The problem is most brands barely use those features. They don’t run enough A/B testing, they don’t granularly segment their workflows, and they don’t make adjustments based on incoming data.

Their email marketing is neglected. Which is dangerous considering great email marketing can boost revenue by 15%.

But we understand why this happens. Most ESPs require a dedicated, full-time team. And brands don’t seriously partition those resources, or even know where to find them.

With Rejoiner, you get the benefits of a full-suite ESP plus the expertise of our experienced email marketing team.

Rejoiner makes it easy to switch from:

Mailchimp Klaviyo Constant Contact Oracle iContact Dotmailer Listrak Bluecore Aweber Emarsys


Switching to Rejoiner is effortless and we handle the migration for you.

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Rejoiner is my favorite vendor to work with. From implementation to go-live and support, they'll take care of everything.

Post launch, they're always willing to further enhance your remarketing campaign, always bringing new ideas to the table. Best of all, their product just works. The results from our campaign have been stellar.

Chris Napa

Global E-Commerce Experience Manager at