We’re an email marketing agency for growth focused retail brands

Rejoiner is a full-service email marketing solution who will turn the email channel into your top source of revenue.

eCommerce brands like these have generated $154,619,390.88 in revenue.

Rejoiner is different than any other email platform you’ve ever worked with

Here are 3 reasons why:
  • Email Marketing Software + Service Hybrid

    We build our own proprietary marketing automation technology specifically for online retail and eCommerce use cases. We’ve built an email service provider along side an agency to deliver perfectly executed custom email design to our clients. When your ESP is your agency you can move faster and maximize use of the technology without having to train internal staff on a new software platform.

  • No Internal Staff Required

    Rejoiner’s full-service team executes strategy, email template design, development and performance optimization as part of every engagement. You avoid having to hire an in-house team of hard-to-find designers and developers when you’ve delegated the performance of your email program to Rejoiner.

  • Accountable for Last-Click Revenue

    Legacy email marketing services charge you more for meaningless increases in contacts or sends. Sending more emails to more contacts doesn’t mean more revenue, engagement, or a better a customer experience. Instead, work with a full-service email service provider that is accountable for turning email into Top 5 source of last-click revenue.

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Our service offering


Define your email marketing strategy. Choose the correct opportunities to focus on and execute.

  • Assess health of existing email list.
  • Develop and execute subscriber growth plan.
  • Assess current state of on-site identification strategy.
  • Audit existing email marketing campaigns and historical email newsletter sends.
  • Map customer lifecycle and understand purchase latency and reorder patterns.
  • Develop a segmentation strategy for delivering the right email campaigns to customers when they will have maximum impact.
  • Determine broadcast frequency, content strategy and frequency capping rules.

Email Design + Development

Work with our renowned design and development team to execute on beautiful, high converting email creative.

  • Establish a foundation of brand standard elements for use across the entire email lifecycle.
  • Write conversion-focused copy that aligns with brand tone, messaging and offers.
  • Design conversion focused email templates that align with brand style guide.
  • Develop hand-crafted HTML/CSS email templates that are tested across all email clients for guaranteed high-quality rendering.

Email Deliverability

Maximize your chance to inbox reliably.

  • Assess and mitigate existing reputation issues.
  • Support compliance for GDPR, CASL and CAN-SPAM.
  • Set up blacklist and sender score monitoring.
  • Configure email authentication protocols for SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
  • Conduct regular seed-list test to gauge inbox and tab placement.
  • Configure monitoring and reputation management tools to proactively identify deliverability issues.
  • Monitor integration health and send volume to provide transparency.

Data Science + Optimization

Increase return on investment over time.

  • Apply customer scoring models to identify new high value customer segments.
  • Gain an understanding of repeat purchase patterns, latency, and recency of your best customers.
  • Use customer models to predict which customers will be high value and which customers aren’t worth marketing to.
  • Set up custom reporting and attribution that is specific to your business use case. Go deeper on performance reporting than simple open-rates and click-through rates.
  • Plan and execute A/B split and control group tests to maximize return on investment and measure true lift.

Our technology

eCommerce email marketing software built specifically for online retail applications.

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Our reputation

We’re a hybrid SaaS company + email marketing agency who is responsible for generating $200M in attributable revenue for our clients.

Our software is rated 5/5 stars on Capterra for Ease of Use, Value for the Money and Customer Service. We were also awarded the 2018 Reviewer’s Choice Award in the Email Marketing Software category.

We’ve written thorough, highly researched guides on eCommerce marketing topics like cart abandonment and lifecycle email marketing.

171 Years of Brand Equity Amplified by Lifecycle Email Automation

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From Kickstarter to Beloved Lifestyle Brand

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From Cambridge Upstart to Corporate Acquisition

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Rejoiner is my favorite vendor to work with. From implementation to go-live and support, they'll take care of everything: idea generation, design, copy, coding, and technical support. Post launch, they're always willing to further enhance your remarketing campaign, always bringing new ideas to the table. Best of all, their product just works. The results from our campaign have been stellar.

Chris Napa, DTC UX Lead at

When you consider how much you earn back compared to how much it costs to do email remarketing, it ends up being a no-brainer. Plus, Rejoiner brings you closer to the experience visitors have on your site by helping you to learn what people are thinking and why they’re not buying products. The additional contact with customers has only made it easier to offer an even higher level of customer service and to learn more about customer needs.

Adam Saraceno, Marketing Director at

Rejoiner has provided us with a seamless, integrated solution, while keeping a sensitivity to our personal look and tone. We have been impressed with how they've been able to craft content and design that's on brand combined with their real effort to meet our specific needs and timing. Rejoiner campaigns immediately started delivering on revenue and, together, we have been continuing to work on improvements ever since.

Jasmina Aganovic, President at

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.