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A note from our founder

Our story starts back in early 2011. Back then, we were just three friends experimenting with interesting web technologies in Cambridge, MA. For two years prior, we were also colleagues at a SaaS company in Boston called Every day, we toiled over our conversion rate, how to optimize our signup flow, and tried to figure out what caused so many people to drop out of our checkout process.

Turns out we were struggling with a very common problem in eCommerce: cart abandonment. We searched high and low for a solution that would give us more insight into the problem, was easy to deploy, was cost effective, and that delivered on the promise of helping us re-engage with customers who had abandoned our website.

Eventually, we stopped looking and built Rejoiner.

Our vision has expanded beyond cart abandonment email and today we work with hundreds of eCommerce companies across all facets of their lifecycle email marketing efforts.

If you value working with a small, responsive team, being on a first name basis with your vendors, amazing U.S. based customer service, and a philosophy of relentless product improvement, then Rejoiner is going to be a great fit for your business.

Sound like you? Give us a shot. Still not convinced? Email me directly at


CEO, Rejoiner