is a fast-growing eCommerce fashion retailer based in Brisbane, Australia. Like a lot of businesses that are growing quickly, it can be tough to perfectly execute on every idea you have. Amaroso identified what they could focus on and outsourced the rest. Here’s the story of how their triggered email marketing evolved from nothing to a profit center.

Who is Amaroso?

Elisha Anderson started Amaroso to help women “dress in confidence”. The name is derived from the Spanish word ‘Amoroso,’ which means ‘in a loving or tender manner.’ That’s exactly how Elisha treats her business and her customers—her journey to entrepreneurship is founded on the belief that with a little love and care, every woman can feel amazing.”

“Life is too short to feel nothing less than amazing!” – Co-Founder, Elisha Anderson

With a genuine care and support for their customers, sales really began to take off. Social media marketing on Facebook and Influencers like Fashion Hot Box have helped drive their sales engine.

How to Know When It’s Time to Outsource Your Email Marketing

With Amaroso’s month over month growth and having to deal with:

  • New stock arrivals
  • Staff meetings
  • Customer support
  • Social media
  • Managing other digital marketing channels
  • Running around after a 2 ½ year old…

…things were getting pretty hectic.

Due to the volume of traffic and sales coming through their website, the team knew there was a huge opportunity to grow revenue per subscriber by implementing an email marketing strategy into the mix.

Amaroso has a great team and they’re taking care of most aspects of the business that they can handle, but trying to become email marketing experts themselves wasn’t possible because they didn’t have the time. In order for the Amaroso team to get to that next level, they needed help.

This new process needed to be executed by a new experienced team member or outsourced to a service provider that had done this successfully many times before, not just an intern that would read a few blog posts and try to set this up themselves.

Building the Perfect Email Marketing Team

Because Amaroso were moving fast, they didn’t have time to go and hire anybody new, so they went out looking for someone who had been there, done that.

Enter Rejoiner.

Rejoiner provides Amaroso with access to expert designers, front-end developers, copywriters and optimizers that provocatively plan and execute your email marketing program for you – so you don’t have to worry about making any new hires.

eCommerce email marketing team

How We Helped Amaroso Get Email Marketing Results Fast

  1. The first goal of any email campaign is ensuring it’s getting delivered. Low deliverability = lower conversions.

We set up an SPF record to improve deliverability so that more people received the emails we sent and so that they didn’t end up in the spam folder—we highly recommend you do this as well.

2) We helped them recover sales from abandoned carts with a three step cart abandonment campaign

abandoned cart email example amaroso

Amaroso had a 62.5% cart abandonment rate (which is typical for fashion retailers), which equated to 5000 cart abandoners per month, with 2000 of them being identifiable by an email address, meaning we could send them abandoned cart emails.

Every online retailer experiences this problem, which creates a great opportunity for us to come in and provide incremental sales lift.

To recover their lost sales we recommended they trigger 3 emails to send post abandonment at the following intervals:

  1. 30 minutes
  2. One day
  3. Three days

We’ve found this to be the ideal times to trigger this campaign and recover the maximum amount of sales.

Since the campaign has gone live, they now have:

  • A cart abandonment campaign just for first time customers (to give a more enticing offer to people that haven’t purchased from us yet)
  • A campaign for Australian customers so that we could introduce AfterPay — Amaroso’s financing option — into the campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Email Campaign Results

Abandoned Cart Email Campaign Results

The first campaign is converting nicely at 18%, recovering 531 abandoned carts.

The campaign breakdown image below shows how each email in the series is performing in terms of open rate, CTR & conversions:

Abandoned Cart Email Campaign Breakdown

  • Email one recovers more than 50% of sales
  • Email two recovers about 21% of sales
  • Email three recovers recovers just under 20% of sales

We always recommend sending three emails as each will recover a decent portion of revenue for your business.

3) The Next Opportunity: Turning ‘window shoppers’ into customers with a browse abandonment campaign  

Browse abandonment emails are a great way to turn ‘window shoppers’ (people browsing your site that you’re able to ID) into sales.

While this campaign may not convert at a high rate, it is still a campaign that will automatically follow up prospects that have shown an interest in a specific product, helping you plug holes in your leaky funnel.

Because Amaroso’s customers are in love with the products they put out, the team at Rejoiner decided it would be a good idea to give these people an extra nudge to get them back onto the site and into buying mode again.

The Browse Abandonment Campaign

Any person that visited a product page on and that Rejoiner was able to ID (because they were logged into their account or identified via email append) was sent a browse abandonment campaign.

browse abandonment email campaign amaroso

Email 1: The first email was sent 60 mins after they looked at a product page (this gives the shopper time to view other products on the site and make a purchase before we send them a campaign)

Email 2: 5 days later, if they still haven’t made a purchase, we send them a second email that includes recommendations of top sellers from the category they were browsing 5 days ago.

email recommendations of category top sellers

Top sellers from the category they were browsing are dynamically inserted into the email campaigns.

The idea behind this second email is that if a customer did not convert on the first email, that first item wasn’t of interest, but because they were browsing that category of items we will display the most popular items from that category in the hope that we can encourage them to go back to that category on site and make a purchase.

Browse Abandonment Email Campaign Results

Browse Abandonment Email Campaign Results

  • 56% open rate average for both emails
  • 9% CTR
  • 14% conversion rate

Normally we see a browse abandonment campaign convert at half the rate of a cart abandonment campaign. This campaign was quite high and is mainly due to Amaroso’s ability to drive qualified traffic and deliver a product that their customers love, at a great price.

The campaign breakdown below shows that both emails do a great job in turning those ‘window shoppers’ into sales.

Browse Abandonment Email Campaign Breakdown

Funny side note: Amaroso was selling product so quickly that we had to update our recommendation engine algorithm because it was recommending items that had already sold out.

4) How to win back defecting customers

This post on win back email campaigns explains purchase latency, the time between purchases and how long it takes a customer to go from purchase:

  • 1 to 2
  • 2 to 3
  • 3 to 4
  • 4 to 5
  • Etc.

Understanding these average latency periods gives us the ability to assess when customers have crossed the threshold into “abnormal” behavior, and when we need to send the win back email.

If you know when to send these campaigns (hint: most people send them to early and offer an unnecessary discount) they can be a great revenue source and a way to bring back customers that were going to stop buying from you, also know as a ‘defecting customer’.

We first create a purchase latency report to count the days since the first purchase. Here’s Amaroso’s report below:

purchase latency report for Amaroso

The report showed that 50% of people who move from purchase 1 to purchase 2 do so within 30 to 40 days, making the 40 days mark our best opportunity to incentivize and inspire the 2nd purchase of all other customers.

win back email campaign by Amaroso

Normally this campaign converts very well, but we found the conversion rate to be low for our standards. We found this partly due to the fact that Amaroso are sending additional newsletters every week to their list, reducing the effectiveness of this triggered email.

5) First purchase welcome series

A welcome series is a great way to increase your repeat purchase rate and get customers making multiple purchases from you.

For Amaroso, we had two main goals with the first purchase welcome series:

1) Introduce new customers further within the Amaroso brand & social media channels
2) Incentivize a second purchase

As reported by RJMetrics in their 2015 eCommerce Buyer Behavior report, only 32% of customers place a second order in their first year as a customer.

Once you take into account all customer acquisition costs such as:

  • Advertising costs to acquire that customer (AdWords, Facebook and Instagram ads)
  • Employee labour
  • Outsourced packaging costs

There isn’t that much profit made from that first sale. Generally the profits come from repeat purchases and this is where the first purchase welcome series comes in.

first purchase welcome email series amaroso

Their email series:

  • Tells the Amaroso story and introduces new customers to their content
  • Gets people to engage with their social channels to create a sense of community
  • Encourages another purchase with a $20 off coupon

6) Introducing into Australian email campaigns

AfterPay helps merchants increase sales and average order value by allowing consumers to purchase products online in 4 easy installments, rather than paying 100% of the product cost up front.

Amaroso knew their customers would be keen on the idea so they decided to implement this on their site. Seeing that it helped boost conversions for Australian customers, they wanted it rolled out to their email campaigns.

We created an Australian customer segment and then rolled out the following copy into campaigns to let people know they can pay for a product over four equal fortnightly installments — interest free.

afterpay in email campaign


  • Weigh up the pro’s and con’s for bringing new projects in-house versus outsourcing (make sure to weigh up the real costs of each option, including how long it will take you to get a successful result)
  • Set up an SPF record to improve your deliverability
  • Send a 3-step abandoned cart email campaign to recover sales from abandoned carts
  • Send a browse abandonment campaign to turn ‘window shoppers’ into customers
  • Increase your repeat purchase rate with a welcome series for new customers
  • Are you an Australian eCommerce company? Looking into testing out to increase your conversions

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