Mike was frustrated with the supplement industry and their shady tactics, and after having spent thousands of dollars on supplements with poor ingredients and hyped up marketing, he knew things had to change…

“I hate the exaggeration, lies, overblown advertising, and confusing pseudoscience of the supplement industry just as much as you.The supplement industry is plagued by pseudoscience, ridiculous hype, misleading advertising and endorsements, products full of junk ingredients, the underdosing of key ingredients, and many other shenanigans.”

Mike Mathews, Founder of Legion Athletics


What Mike wanted, not just for himself but for others, was simple… Products with:

  • All ingredients backed by published scientific literature
  • All dosages at clinically effective levels
  • No artificial sweeteners, dyes, or unnecessary fillers
  • No banned substances or analogs of potentially harmful drugs
  • Good taste


And that’s when he decided to start Legion Athletics.

Legion is a supplement company dedicated to creating healthy, high-quality sport supplements based on sound science, sold honestly with no trick and no hype.

They use Ph.D researchers (who specialize in the field) to create their new product formulations.


How They Got Started With Email…

When Legion started out, they were making most of their sales by driving traffic from MuscleForLife.com (their original site), using lead capture to get people into autoresponder sequences that would introduce new subscribers to their brand and their story.


They combined this with a weekly newsletter that had:

  • ‘Deal of the Week’
  • A new item for sale
  • Free shipping offer
  • Win a prize offer…

To encourage more sales.


How to scale an email marketing program with limited resources?

Jeremy, head of marketing for Legion Athletics, decided it was time to improve their eCommerce email marketing strategy first by getting a more advanced abandoned cart suite in place.

They started out using a basic cart abandonment tool that was built into their eCommerce platform, WooCommerce.

But it didn’t provide the detailed analytics they desired, so they were unable to see what was going on with their campaign and every email being sent.


On top of that…

  • They had limited time to do everything themselves with the 100 other things going on when growing a successful eCommerce business
  • Hiring someone to take care of this was going to be costly when you take into account:
    • The time needed to find someone with experience around email marketing for eCommerce
    • Training them up internally and on new software
    • Knowing what segments to setup and which campaigns run
    • Finding designers to put together creative and a copywriter to write emails that sell
    • Optimizing campaigns consistently over time to increase revenue generated


Then Jeremy found Rejoiner.com

“I really liked the on-boarding process and that all the work is done by Rejoiner and that they have the experience and expertise in the area. Any time I can save some time and have someone who is an expert come in and do something, that’s a big plus for me.”

Jeremy Blumberg, CMO Legion Athletics

Leveraging An eCommerce Email Team

When Legion signed up with Rejoiner, they saw the types of lifecycle campaigns we [Rejoiner] could help them launch, that would support their current email marketing efforts.


Here’s how we helped Legion get up and running…


We installed Rejoiner on their site so they could get more detailed analytics and deeper insights into their their abandonment rate and the number of identifiable sessions in their checkout flow.


Implemented a cart abandonment campaign following our abandoned cart email guide strategy.

Legion Cart Abandonment Campaign Results
Legion Cart Abandonment Campaign Results
Created a plan for their lifecycle email marketing strategy for future campaigns.
Leveraged our full team of designers and developers. We designed and coded their new cart abandonment campaigns from scratch.
We also setup the right triggers inside the software so Legion were sending the right message to the right person at the right time.
We launched the campaigns fast so Legion could start recovering sales right away and recover their investment fast.

Legion's Cart Abandonment Campaign Sequence
Legion’s Cart Abandonment Campaign Sequence


After the success with their first campaign, Jeremy wanted to move fast and expand into other lifecycle email campaigns.

Next step?

The win back email campaign.

Right behind the cart abandonment campaign we’ve found…


The Win Back Email Campaign Has The Highest ROI Opportunity

We’ve previously discussed why you should be sending win back email campaigns and how to make them convert by measuring a metric known as ‘purchase latency’ (the time between purchases). If we understand how long it takes customers to go from purchase 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, etc.

Then we know what “normal” and “abnormal” purchasing behaviour looks like. When customers started showing signs of “abnormal” behavior, and have likely stopped buying from us. We then know when the best time would be to send a win-back campaign to maximize revenue.

It’s a lot easier to get a previous customer to buy from you again versus getting someone who’s never heard of you before to make their first purchase.

And that’s why a past customer list is so valuable and why marketing to these customers via email can be so profitable (if you know who to send the emails to and when).

To work that out for Legion we ran 2 years of their customer purchase data through an internal tool we’ve created that helps us understand when to trigger this campaign inside our software.


Calculating The Perfect Time To Trigger A Win-Back Campaign

The image below shows the time it took a Legion customer to go from 1st to 2nd purchase.

Latency Histogram Analysis for Legion Supplements
Latency Histogram Analysis for Legion Supplements

You can see a pretty dramatic fall off in re-order after Day 50. Prior to Day 51, ~55% of second purchasers had completed their second order.


Armed with this information, the Rejoiner team went to work by:

    • Putting together creative & coming up with an offer for this segment of customers
      • These emails render perfectly on any device, email client and browser.

        Win Back Campaign's Sequence
        Win Back Campaign’s Sequence
      • Plus, we test all client emails with Litmus because broken emails reduce CTR & conversions.

        Litmus Test Previews from Legion's Win Back Sequence
        Litmus Test Previews from Legion’s Win Back Sequence
      • Coming up with the email offer to increase sales: “10% off” in this case
      • Collaborating with Jeremy around a few older campaign ideas he had. Our design team took Jeremy’s input and came up with our own designs more matched to Legions brand identity
    • A latency trigger in their campaign was set up as part of their campaign rules

      Win Back Campaign Rules
      Win Back Campaign Rules
    • Finally, we launched the campaign

How it will work from now on:

  • If a first purchase customer doesn’t make their second purchase within 50 days, this campaign will trigger in an effort to ‘win back’ their business. This campaign will encourage repeat purchases and be working for Legion 24/7/365.
  • To avoid people getting discounts over and over again we have added a filter to their win back segment that suppresses the campaign for any customer who has opened a win back email in the last 120 days.


Win Back Email Campaign Results


Legion can now ensure that first time customers come back and make their second purchase and continue to move people up the customer lifecycle and turning them into VIP’s by encouraging more purchases.

Hint – This is the key to growing faster with lifecycle email!


Big thanks to the Legion Athletics

It is an absolute pleasure working alongside the Legion team. We’d like to thank them for having confidence in Rejoiner, and for trusting in our methodology.


What To Do Now

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