This is an on-going series of articles that highlight Rejoiner customers and how they use email remarketing to grow their businesses.

KontrolFreek, based in Atlanta, has built an impressive business as both a manufacturer and retailer of innovative gaming accessories. In simple terms, KontrolFreek sells aftermarket upgrades for Playstation and Xbox controllers designed to increase performance for serious gamers. Each of their products is “carefully engineered to reduce force inputs while increasing player comfort, helping to improve accuracy and decrease reaction times.”

One thing I love about KontrolFreek, in addition to their brand, is that all of their design and manufacturing efforts are based here in the U.S. They are a small team that is truly passionate about gaming and has built their business one ecstatic customer at a time.

We started working together by identifying some simple conversion improvements in their checkout flow and launched a cart abandonment email campaign soon after.

The Campaign

When it came to cart abandonment, KontrolFreek’s VP of Marketing, Matt Konigsmark, had a hunch. Based on the price point of their core product line, Matt hypothesized that their abandoned cart problem was due largely to the fact that international customers were scared off by high shipping costs. It wasn’t clear to international customers that they could buy KontrolFreek products via resellers, so we addressed that point proactively in the campaign.

Matt collaborated with the team at Rejoiner and developed an email remarketing campaign designed to re-engage customers who had abandoned transactions on the site. Remarketing emails were delivered 45 minutes and 24 hours post-abandon. KontrolFreek offered a discount in the second email to entice cart abandoners to complete their orders.

The Creative

To get the campaign started as quickly as possible, we chose to launch with static email creative. By static, I mean that it didn’t actually show the product that was being abandoned. It’s a common misconception that a campaign like this will not perform well with static emails, but these results prove otherwise. Here is some sample creative:


KontrolFreek has been with us since the Fall of 2012, but we chose to focus on their 2013 numbers for the purpose of this case study. Here are some highlights:

  • Traffic sent by Rejoiner is 302.70% more likely to convert than other traffic.
  • AOV for conversions driven by Rejoiner is 8.28% percent higher than non-Rejoiner orders
  • A visit sent by a Rejoiner campaign is 336.44% more valuable than a non-Rejoiner visit
  • Since January 1, 2013 KontrolFreek has had 10x ROI on the campaign.

What’s Next

Matt and his team have been hard at work developing the next version of, choosing Magento as their e-commerce platform of choice. They are going to be using our Magento extension, which takes care of the remarketing API integration and allows for dynamic 1-to-1 creative. Once we have a solid dataset for the new campaign, we’ll post the results of how the new creative performs vs. the original static campaign.

Mike Arsenault
Mike Arsenault is the Founder & CEO of Rejoiner. He works with 350+ online retail & eCommerce companies like Hydroflask, Footjoy, GUESS, and Big Chill to help them grow faster using lifecycle email. He also once lived aboard a 36' sailboat in Boston.