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Top Features and Benefits for Ticketing Companies

Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate up to 15% and Recover Lost Revenue - Automatically

Cart abandonment is typically very high for companies selling tickets online. Rejoiner’s powerful and highly targeted cart abandonment campaigns automatically help you reduce your cart abandonment rate and sell more tickets - without lifting a finger.

Get reports on your recoveries weekly

Segment Your Customers and Send the Right Message to the Right Customer, at the Right Time for Higher Converting Campaigns

Build out segmented campaigns for specific shows, concerts and packages to target specific customer groups with your automated email campaigns. Selectively send campaigns to customers who have a cart that’s over a certain value or contains a specific product.

Use Rejoiner's powerful segmentation

Make It Easy for Customers to Complete the Checkout Process on Any Mobile Device

People are consuming email on mobile more than ever before. Rejoiner makes it easy for your visitors to regenerate their cart with a single click and seamlessly complete the checkout process from any mobile device.

Regenerate your customer's cart in any device
Josie Coxeter

“We were very aware of our cart abandonment problem and because our main focus is always obviously what's going to drive revenue, Rejoiner was the perfect solution for us.”

Josie Coxeter, Digital Marketing Manager, Dreamworld Australia


Here’s How Australia’s Largest Theme Park Uses Rejoiner To Sell More Tickets and Drive More Revenue

“Rejoiner’s automated cart abandonment campaigns drive all our results. Being able to send automated cart abandonment campaigns at times we scheduled is the most important feature to the business, as thats what’s driving all of our results.”
Dreamworld's Successful Cart Abandonment Campaigns

A/B Split Testing Enables Dreamworld to Optimize Campaigns over Time

Dreamworld's Rejoiner Dashboard

“For the industry that we’re in, and because we are seasonal, too, a lot of our activity fluctuates month to month, week to week, etc., the really important thing is how easy it is to interpret Rejoiner’s live dashboard, sift through all the data and analyse what changes are needed to improve results. Here we can see in real time what’s happening, how it’s all tracking while being able to make decisions pretty dynamically on the spot with so much level of detail to determine what’s working for us or not, and that’s why our team loves Rejoiner’s live dashboard”


Rejoiner's Platform Provides the Ability to Track and Measure Every Email Open, Click, Conversion and Dollar Recovered

Dreamworld's Rejoiner Dashboard shows their cart abandonment rates



How Liftopia Recovered $714,000 and Reduced Their Cart Abandonment Rate 15% During Their Winter Season.

This ungated case study reveals the strategies and email creative Liftopia used to achieve these results.

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