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Top Features and Benefits for Subscription Companies

Increase Sign Ups by Following up with People That Don't Complete Your Signup Form

Pre-submit tracking is an advanced feature of Rejoiner that identifies a customer as soon as they enter their email into a form field - even if they haven’t clicked [submit] - allowing you to follow up with more people who abandon your sign up form and drive more subscriptions.

Advanced Segmentation So You Send the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time for Maximum Subscription Conversions

Rejoiner allows you to build out segmented campaigns for any type of subscription plan - Pro vs Enterprise, Small vs Large Box - allowing you to send targeted follow up emails about the subscription plan someone was looking at before they abandoned the signup process.

Turn One-Time Buyers into Lifetime Subscription Customers

Rejoiner’s segmentation feature also helps you upsell your one time buyers into subscription customers by sending relevant upsell offers to the right person at the right time - helping you maximize customer lifetime value.

A/B Test Your Emails Each Month to Increase Subscription Signups

A/B testing with Rejoiner allows you to consistently improve and optimize campaigns to find the email that drives the most revenue for your business.

Deanna Rocoo

“Every sign up that Rejoiner helps us recover increases the long-term value of our company. It's not just a one-time purchase; it's a subscription customer who is going to be with us for many months/years to come. My favorite thing about working with them is that they are always available to assist with anything we need, even with our crazy time difference.”

Deanna Rocoo, eCommerce Manager at Bellabox