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eCommerce brands like these have generated $5,378,457,421 in revenue with Rejoiner's Shopify App.

Why Rejoiner?


Use Rejoiner's Workflow Builder to target specific customer groups with special offers and customized messaging, branch workflows based on customer behavior, and incorporate sophisticated business logic for when and how each cart recovery email should trigger.


Rejoiner's support team will assist with installation, configuration, and quality assurance testing of the abandoned cart email app.


Work directly with Rejoiner's talented email marketing experts to design cart abandonment reminder emails that are on-brand, render perfectly, and that convert. HTML follow-up emails are coded for you, then tested across all major email clients to guarantee perfect rendering.

How Rejoiner works with Shopify & Shopify Plus

Track partial checkout process completions

Rejoiner's pre-submit tracking technology enables Shopify Plus merchants to deliver abandoned checkout reminder emails to guest checkouts who add to cart, partially fill out the checkout page, but abandon the shopping cart. This approach generates a larger pool of potential customers and more recovered sales.

Recover abandoned carts with built-in workflows

We unify browsing traits, historical purchase data, email engagement signals, and demographics to build a rich profile of every customer and their likelihood to convert.

Increase your conversion rate with A/B testing

Run A/B split tests on our subject lines to optimize open rates and click-through rates. In addition, run control group test to measure the true incremental lift of your Magento abandoned cart program.

Regenerate sessions across devices with cart recovery links

Seamlessly regenerate cart sessions across devices with dynamically generated cart recovery links. Customers will click-through Rejoiner abandoned cart emails and arrive back at your online store with full restored cart.

Monitor your true shopping cart abandonment rate

From cart abandonment to price drop to weekly newsletter emails, Rejoiner provides one solution to address every phase of the customer lifecycle, enhancing customer lifetime value.

Personalize every abandoned checkout recovery emails

Dynamically inject product images, cart data, and product recommendations to drive click-through and recover more abandoned orders.

Measure every email open, click, conversion & dollar recovered

Monitor email sending metrics, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates of your cart abandonment emails.

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