Many online retailers are just learning about shopping cart abandonment and the benefits it can have. We wanted to make the learning process a little bit easier for you.

We’ve compiled 17 of the best blog posts on shopping cart abandonment to help you learn and give you some great ideas to get started.

1. Infographic: Tips To Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: Cool infographic from Monetate breaking down the shopping cart process and offering do’s and don’ts to help decrease abandonment.
Top tip: Don’t force customers to register & Don’t hide shipping costs


2. How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment: 10 No-Brainers

Summary: Get Elastic gives us 10 obvious ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment on a site.
Top tip: Use persistent cookies to keep your cart alive


3. Do Your Users Have Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues?

Summary: KISSMetrics explores why users abandon through this infographic.
Top tip: Show delivery and payment options up front at the beginning of the checkout process.


4. 20 Tips to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment, Part 1

Summary: ClickZ offers an oldie but a goodie. A great post from Bryan Eisenberg (featured in our 30 CRO experts to follow on Twitter post) with some unique tips on how you can minimize abandonment on your site.
Top tip: Placing a thumbnail image of the product increases conversions by as much as 10%


5. 3 Tips for Managing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: Practical eCommerce offers three best practices for running an abandonment campaign.
Top tip: Email cart-abandoning consumers shortly after they leave a site.


6. Stopping Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: UX Booth discusses three areas you should reexamine in your checkout process.
Top tip: Not all States require sales tax SO it’s important to let the customer know if there will be tax before the last page of checkout.


7. Few e-retailers pursue shoppers who abandon shopping carts

Summary: Internet Retailer discusses how the top 1000 retailers are dealing with shopping cart abandonment.
Top tip: Limit the discounts offered. Implement a ladder of markdowns.


8. Seven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: Practical eCommerce covers the top seven ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment based on a study from comScore.
Top tip: 21% of buyers said they decided not to shop at a given site because of security concerns. Communicate your commitment to security.


9. Cart Abandonment Analysis: Rosetta Stone

Summary: Ok, this is ours but we threw this in because of the reception it’s gotten. Plus it’s nice to see examples of what other companies are doing.
Top tip: Offer social proof.


10. Top 3 Tips For Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: A few different ideas beyond the email to help deal with abandonment from James Francis.
Top tip: Reinforce the purchase. For example, if your product is about how to quit smoking, place an image of a happy, smiling, healthy family alongside the order form.


11. 8 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Shopping Cart Conversions

Summary: Hubspot covers a few abandonment best practices and gives real life examples of companies doing it right.
Top tip: Include user reviews. 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.


12. Beyond the Cart: 5 Process Abandonment Messages to Implement

Summary: A great post that looks at other remarketing opportunities for abandoning customers.
Top tip: Consider giving customers a “wish list” functionality and then delivering an email message stream that promotes the items they’ve singled out.


13. Reasons and Solutions to Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: GoECart explores why people abandon and shows why their shopping cart solution can help decrease that. We don’t have any affiliation with GoECart but it’s cool to see a company positioning their platform this way.
Top tip: People want to comparison shop.


14. 7 Simple Ways to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: covers some easy ways an online retailer can decrease shopping cart abandonment.
Top tip: Either show stock levels on the product page itself or alert the customer when they try to add that item to their cart.


15. Online Retailers: Fixing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: An exploration from Forbes into how and if companies are dealing with abandonment and even the biggest are failing
Top tip: Abandonment campaigns or series are much more successful than one off emails


16. Wipe Out Shopping Cart Abandonment

Summary: covers a couple abandonment basics and how factors like security concerns can drive customers away.
Top tip: Keep shipping costs in line with customer expectations.


17. Examples of Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails and Best Practices

Summary: A short write-up of best practices and two abandoned cart email examples from real websites.
Top tip: 2-3 emails works the best


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