We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’ve partnered with one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms in the world. This past week we finalized our “Industry Partner” status with Magento and also released a Magento extension for both Community & Enterprise licenses. You can download the extension from Magento Connect. In addition, we’ve put together a Magento walk-through that should make your integration a breeze.

The extension injects your Rejoiner javascript snippets into correct locations inside of your Magento store and comes packaged with an API integration out of the box. This means that not only are we capturing abandonment data from your checkout form, but also transactional data from abandoned carts themselves. Using our dynamic email feature, you can remarket to abandoning customers using highly personalized emails referencing the actual items that were left behind.


Mike Arsenault
Mike Arsenault is the Founder & CEO of Rejoiner. He works with 350+ online retail & eCommerce companies like Hydroflask, Footjoy, GUESS, and Big Chill to help them grow faster using lifecycle email. He also once lived aboard a 36' sailboat in Boston.