We’re psyched you’ve taken the step to start taking actions on those abandoned forms but hey, we don’t need you out there annoying your potential customers. How do you know if you’re annoying them? Take a look at our list below and then go check out our Abandoned Shopping Cart Best Practices post.


Remember, the person you’re emailing has not only been to your site before, they’ve actually filled out a form. You don’t need to remind them over and over about how awesome you are. One line letting them know about your ‘award-winning’ or ‘5-star rated’ product or service will suffice. Plus, no one likes a bragger.

Don’t Actually Offer Anything

An abandonment email doesn’t necessarily have to offer an incentive but it does have to offer something. Include the number to your customer service center, a link to your Twitter account or an email address in which they can get questions answered. Just reminding customers you want them to come back isn’t enough as they left for a reason.

Make it Really Long

Here’s a phrase you’ll never here: “You know what I really love? A nice, long, unsolicited email.” Give people the information they need and that’s it. A simple email to jog their memory and let them know you want to help them complete their order is all you need.

Send Too Many

Best practices out there dictate 2-3 emails as the appropriate number when it comes to recovering abandoned orders. Even that may be too much though depending on your product. Know your business and know your potential customer. What is the typical buying cycle? How many times do they visit before they convert? Use this information to plan your abandonment emails.

Don’t Let Them Unsubscribe

Let’s be honest, not everyone you reach out to will become a customer. For those people, you have to give them the opportunity to unsubscribe. It’s a courtesy to them and it’ll help you with Can spam requirements. Which leads us to our last example…

You Spam Them

Just because you have their email, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it. Don’t spam potential customers, customers, or for that matter, anyone in general.

Mike Arsenault
Mike Arsenault is the Founder & CEO of Rejoiner. He works with 350+ online retail & eCommerce companies like Hydroflask, Footjoy, GUESS, and Big Chill to help them grow faster using lifecycle email. He also once lived aboard a 36' sailboat in Boston.