A couple weeks ago, we talked about the various CRO challenges facing organizations today and how you can overcome them. The thing is, we know that selling conversion optimization within your company can be tough but what you may not realize is there are a lot of places you can be doing it…and maybe already are. Let’s look at three simple opportunities.


This could be the most obvious one but it’s also one of the easiest. Changing a subject line, adding a new call to action…those are tests you can be doing without any help and believe it or not, simple changes can help improve conversions.

Here are a few additional testing ideas for emails:

  • Types of discounts
  • HTML vs Plain text
  • Time of day/Day of week
  • Font sizes & colors
  • Sent from email & name

The goal here is to keep track of the data, evaluate the results and make changes based on your findings. Just because people generally open emails in the morning doesn’t mean that’s when YOUR customers do. Learn what your audience is doing and what they respond to.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

If you’re running PPC campaigns, you’re already doing conversion testing. With PPC campaigns you use different ad copy, keyword types, you schedule ads for different parts of the day and you target specific parts of the country. You are already testing.

So why not start testing landing pages as they can play a big role in improving conversions? The great part about a paid search campaign is the ability to send a select group of traffic to a specific page. You don’t have to wonder if the page will come up in organic results or how they’ll find it because you are directing traffic there based on what people are searching for.

A/B testing with Google Adwords is pretty simple and you may find one page converts substantially better than another. Be sure to check out ‘The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page’ for some ideas.

On-Site Forms

Do you gather information from your website visitors through forms? If so, there’s a big opportunity you may not even realize.

Back in February we covered ‘5 Best Practices for Creating Forms’ where we noted things like “your form should be simple”, “you should tell users what’s required” and the “email field should be at the top of the form”.

If you tried even one of those things, you’re already involving conversion optimization in your marketing plan, especially if your conversion is filling out the form. If your conversion is an actual purchase of something, people still have to fill out a form right?

Check out these 10 Best Practices for Creating Awesome Online Forms.

In the end…

The fact is, conversion optimization is most likely already in your marketing plan. It’s up to you to start really testing things and finding what works best for your business.

Check out our 40 Do’s and Don’ts of A/B Testing for tips on getting started.