This week, we’re examining a well-executed campaign by I like this campaign a lot. Flowers are often a time sensitive, impulsive purchase made by men when they are in trouble with their significant others. Shoot, maybe that’s only me. Anyway, purchases that have high emotional attachment and high time sensitivity are great candidates for abandoned cart remarketing.

Once again, here are the criteria we’re looking at:

Timing – When were the emails delivered? How many of them were there? What was the interval at which they were delivered?
Design –
A general critique of design language. Was the email branded? Plain-text? What visuals did the merchant use to entice me to re-engage?
Offer –
At what point did the merchant use a promotion? How was it positioned?
Copywriting –
What was the style/tone of the email? Was the copywriting clear? What was the subject line? Who did it come from?
Social Proof –
Did the merchant provide social proof? Testimonials? How were they presented?
Personalized –
Was the email personalized to me? How did they capture that data? Did it specifically mention items I had engaged with on the site?
Call To Action –
Was the call to action clear? What was the merchant trying to persuade me to do?

The Campaign

I started by carting a $39.99 Spring bouquet. Fromyouflowers captures email address before asking for any payment information. We’ve seen Rosetta Stone use this tactic before and it drastically increases the number of people they can re-engage with.

After filling out the first few fields on checkout, I abandoned my transaction. After 20 minutes, I received this email:

Subject Line:
Free shipping to finish your order – $14.99 value

What I liked:

Copy: I love the first line of copy. “We were so sorry to see you leave our site a few minutes ago.” Within 2 seconds, they copy establishes a connection with me. I remember that I was shopping on this site and I’m more likely to keep engaging with the email. I also like how they use the first paragraph to address a big concern that a lot of flower purchasers have: How fast can I get these delivered? 
I like the creative for a couple of reasons: 1) The photography immediately pulls hits on an emotional trigger that buying these flowers will make my significant other happy. That is powerful. 2) The creative also conveys that I can come back and buy flowers at a price that is more than acceptable: $29.99 with free shipping.  
Call to Action:
“Come Back & Ship it Free”. Who could argue with that?
The timing was perfect. 20 minutes is the sweet spot for a cart remarketing email. At Rejoiner, we like 21 minutes.
This is one of the more aggressive remarketing offers I have seen lately.

What I would test:

Social Proof: Fromyouflowers is one of the lesser known flower retailers out there. I’d love to see some press coverage or other social proof so I know that the flowers I buy will be beautiful when they arrive.
I had entered some additional data into the checkout form, including my name. Fromyouflowers chose not to re-use that data for the email. In addition, it looks the email they send uses generic creative, regardless of what I had in my cart.  I would test dynamically populating the actual bouquet I had in my shopping cart when I abandoned.
Simple. I’d love to hear from some other happy customers who bought from these guys.

This a simple, 1 email remarketing campaign that drives significant lift for fromyouflowers. It’s clear that they have identified the optimum time window to re-engage cart abandoners and are aggressively trying to win customers from the bigger flower retailers.

Mike Arsenault
Mike Arsenault is the Founder & CEO of Rejoiner. He works with 350+ online retail & eCommerce companies like Hydroflask, Footjoy, GUESS, and Big Chill to help them grow faster using lifecycle email. He also once lived aboard a 36' sailboat in Boston.