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All plans include our fully loaded email marketing platform and customizable services.


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Rejoiner makes it easy to customize your plan based on your budget and needs. Check the services you’re interested in:

Our AI-powered automation ensures you leverage every step of the customer lifecycle—on autopilot. Automations include cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and first-purchase welcome series. Just to name a few.

Broadcast emails (also known as newsletters or campaigns) keep your brand top-of-mind with customers. They build trust and generate revenue.

One of the biggest ROI killers for email marketing is an unsanitized email list. Rejoiner validates your email addresses in real-time, including checking for spam traps, misspellings, and more.

Get the most out of our platform—by having our team of professional email marketers work alongside yours to optimize every (and any) part of your email campaigns. From strategy, to copy, to creative, and even scheduling logic.

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Why can I only see an estimated price?

Other ESPs force you into pre-packaged plans. This means most businesses pay for features they never use—and don’t need. Rejoiner is different. We customize your plan so you get what you pay for.

Every plan levels up your email marketing

Migrate lists and creative from legacy ESP

Analyze historical purchase data for customer segmentation

Track all behavioral datapoints on-site

Design high-converting email creative that renders perfectly

Set up email workflows to address every customer lifecycle stage

Inject dynamic content like browsed items and recommendations

Configure email authentication protocols for deliverability

Optimize email workflows with A/B & Control group testing

— Rejoiner integrates with every eCommerce platform —
Google Tag Manager

Two common questions

Rejoiner provides agency service plus an email platform. What if I only want the platform?

Not a problem. 85% of our customers choose to partner with our email marketing experts. Some customers, however, prefer to manage their email marketing in-house, or choose to work with our team only on a short-term basis. We’ll happily adapt to your needs.

Can Rejoiner support my volume?

Absolutely. We have clients sending millions of emails monthly, and clients whose delivery requirements increase dramatically due to seasonality. Our platform adjusts to your needs in real-time—so you never have to worry about the health of your email marketing.


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