Liftopia operates the largest online and mobile marketplace as well as the largest technology platform serving the ski and mountain activity industry. With deals up to 85% off at approximately 250 alpine resorts across North America, Liftopia allows skiers and boarders to buy date-specific lift tickets and on-mountain activities in advance via and the Liftopia mobile app.

In anticipation of their Winter season, Liftopia approached Rejoiner to deploy a cart abandonment email program targeting customers who abandoned the eCommerce checkout flow on Liftopia knew they were losing revenue every year due to their high cart abandonment rate, but they were also looking to gain deeper insights into who exactly was abandoning and why. Google analytics was only showing how many people abandoned, but it did not explain the why.


Why Liftopia Was Missing Out On $1.3 Million In Revenue

Imagine a customer moving from step to step on an eCommerce website. They browse product pages, add to cart, and start the process of filling out the checkout form. The customer takes out their credit card, fills out a few checkout form fields and for one of a hundred diferent reasons, decides to abandon the transaction. The card goes back in the wallet and the sale is lost. This situation occurs millions, probably billions, of times per day on eCommerce websites.

In just the first month of using Rejoiner, Liftopia discovered they were losing almost $1.3 million dollars in revenue from this exact situation. Liftopia Dashboard SCREENSHOT OF REJOINER ACCOUNT FROM 12/1/2013 - 12/31/2013

From the moment that customers began the checkout process on, they were able to ascertain that 51% were abandoning carts prior to completion. Rejoiner’s ‘pre-submit tracking’ feature was able to identify 24% of those abandoners (even though these users didn’t click ‘submit’), yielding almost another 8,000 potential customers for Liftopia to remarket to and recover more revenue.


Using Rejoiner's Google Tag Manager Integration, Liftopia Was Integrated In Minutes, Not Days or Weeks

Liftopia deployed Rejoiner to using Google Tag manager, sending transactional data from the cart for personalization, segmentation and reporting purposes. There were some initial challenges to overcome with deploying via GTM, but we here at Rejoiner, provided hands-on technical support to overcome them. The integration was deployed, tested and activated within a matter of days due to this tight collaboration.

Better yet, Liftopia recovered their first cart within hours of activating the campaign.

The Strategies Liftopia Used To Recover Lost Revenue On Auto-Pilot

In similar collaborative fashion, Liftopia worked hand in hand with the Rejoiner creative team to design and develop a two email cart abandonment email sequence.
Here’s a list of the key components the Liftopia campaign included:

An Automated Cart Abandonment Email Sequence

Made up of three emails that fired 30 minutes and 24 hours after the visitor abandoned cart. Customers who converted in the midst of the campaign were removed from the campaign automatically and emails were delivered on auto-pilot. Once the campaign launched, the amount of resources required to manage the campaign was basically zero. It’s like having an additional salesperson working for the team 24/7, 365 days a year.

Intelligent Frequency Capping For Returning And Existing Customers

We placed certain limits on the number of times a customer could receive the campaign. Frequency capping ensured that the campaign was always “in step” with customers and would never annoy anyone or ruin your brand image. It also caught customers who abandon on purpose in search of a discount.

Dynamic Personalization Of The Creative

We added the specific tickets/dates that the customer had left in their cart, as well as a personalized salutation. Personalizing the creative with the actual tickets left behind created context by reminding the customer and drove higher click-through rates & conversion from the emails. This provided a big revenue boost.

Friendly Customer Service Tone

Using a customer service tone makes customers feel comfortable enough to reply to the email with questions or to call Liftopia at their toll-free number for support and finish the sale. It also generated an enormous amount of qualitative feedback about where the friction points existed in customer’s minds, which was proactively addressed on checkout, which helped Liftopia further improve their checkout funnel and reduce their cart abandonment rate even more.

Dynamic Cart Regeneration

Dynamic cart regeneration that recreated the user’s previous session across mobile, desktop and tablet devices when they clicked through the email. The result was that no matter where a customer opened a Rejoiner email, they were able to effortlessly return to the site and complete the checkout process fast and without any additional hassles or friction points stopping them from completing sale. Less friction = higher conversions.

Bullet-Proof Responsive Templates

Responsive HTML templates that rendered perfectly no matter where the customer opens the emails. Responsive email templates created the best possible experience for customers, which in turn drove more clicks, new customers and revenue growth for Liftopia.


$714,000+ Recovered Over 4 Month Season

Liftopia added $714,251.16 to their top-line revenue from 11/1/2013 - 3/1/2013 as a result of the campaign. For every email Rejoiner sent, Liftopia made $9.23 and remarketed to over 27,000 individual customers during the Winter 2013 season.

Without Rejoiner, 17% of the company's total revenue would have been lost due to cart abandonment. Liftopia Campaign Results SCREENSHOT OF LIFTOPIA'S CAMPAIGN RESULTS FROM 11/1/2013 - 3/1/2014
"Rejoiner gave us a big boost in revenue, we saw immediate results with customers completing their abandoned carts at a 50% higher rate than our previous provider. We recovered just over $714,000.00 and are so happy with how Rejoiner helped us through every step of the process so that we were able to have a seamless integration and start recovering revenue right away."

Jason Zhang, Product Manager, Liftopia

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