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Our services team routinely increases last-click revenue from email marketing by 30% or more.

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Rejoiner services power the email channel for:

Every single person in that company is as invested in the customer's success as the owner of the company. They all have such a strong work ethic. They're an amazing team of people.

Tina Adoniou



Prioritize the opportunities that drive incremental revenue

List reactivation

Get the most value from your current subscribers.

We’ll assess your email marketing lists, and develop a strategy for targeting your most engaged subscribers. This improves engagement levels and maximizes conversion rates.


Boost your email marketing performance by sending fewer emails.

We’ll establish a plan and policies for identifying and automatically removing inactive subscribers from your list. Sunsetting automates email list maintenance and improves email deliverability.

Identification & list growth

Build more profitable email lists.

We’ll create a system that captures the highest possible percentage of traffic-driving opt-ins throughout your sales funnel. Our system of opt-ins and offers keeps your lists full of high-interest subscribers.

Newsletter strategy

Get more revenue from your email newsletters.

We’ll evaluate your audience and develop a strategy for the content, cadence, and design of your broadcast newsletters. Optimizing your newsletter engages new subscribers and retains current customers.

Lifecycle roadmap

Map your customer lifecycle, and automatically send emails at every conversion opportunity.

We’ll identify the customer behaviors that indicate the highest buying intent and use email triggers to send emails when they will drive the most revenue. Triggered emails automate your email sends and maximize your email marketing revenue.

Data consolidation

Create a single source of truth for every subscriber.

We'll work with you to marry historical purchase from your eCommerce platform and email engagement data from your legacy ESPs. By creating a complete profile for every subscriber, you can make better segmentation decisions and deliver more targeted email.


Elevate your brand and drive conversion


Get more responses from every email.

We’ll write conversion-focused email copy with email-specific direct response techniques that compel your subscribers to take action.


Optimize your email designs for conversions.

Our email design team is a group of email specialists who only design emails. Our email designers have created thousands of successful email templates.


Know that every one of your emails will render perfectly.

Our team of expert email developers understand the demands of the modern inbox. They use email-specific development methods to ensure your emails look flawless in every inbox.

Quality assurance

Reach your customers, no matter what device or email client they use.

We put every email through rigorous testing to guarantee maximum compatibility. So, you send emails that display perfectly in any email client, on any device.


Move faster without hiring more staff

Scheduling & delivery

Seize every conversion opportunity.

We’ll take on the day-to-day management of your email marketing and press send for you. You’ll never forget to send another email broadcast.

Performance reporting

Work with an email service provider that’s actually accountable for improving your email marketing revenue.

You see every performance metric we see. And, we’ll call you every month to talk about your email program performance and plan adjustments to meet your goals.

Optimization & testing

Continuously assess and improve your email program.

We’ll build an A/B testing roadmap and test every aspect of your emails to keep ratcheting up your email marketing ROI. Your email revenue never stops growing.

Reduce your overhead

Lower your email marketing staffing costs by 97%.

*Based on a base salary of $75,661 [Source] Reduce overhead


Protect your reputation from mistakes

Authentication audit

Know your emails will always reach the inbox.

We’ll check your email authentication setup and ensure all authentication protocols are properly configured. With all the authentication protocols in place, your emails won’t get rejected or sent to the spam folder.

Email validation

Ensure that you only send emails to active subscribers.

We use proprietary technology to clean your email lists and remove spam traps, invalid email addresses, known complainers, and other toxic email addresses. Removing unprofitable email addresses gets the most revenue from every send.

IP warmup

Protect your email sender reputation and maximize deliverability.

We’ll establish a sending schedule that steadily ramps up your send volume to build sending reputation and ensure your sending behavior looks legitimate to receiving email servers. This way, your email program gets the best deliverability right out of the gate.

Repair damaged reputation

Work with our team of experts to correct mis-steps.

If you haven't alway employed best practices, there's still hope for your email channel. Our deliverability experts work with you to improve your sender reputation and set your program up for long-term success.