The Rejoiner team understands email—from beginning to end. They're able to help at all points, strategically, tactically, and on the operational level. They're easily my favorite vendor I've ever worked with.


A.T. Cross sent 76% less email while increasing attributable last-click email revenue by 35% YoY


In 2018, A.T. Cross was looking for an email service provider that could help grow their email list and increase email revenue. A.T. Cross’s eCommerce manager at the time, Chris Napa, was in charge of the search process and had previously worked with Rejoiner.

My past experience with Rejoiner made me know that they would be the right partner. With such a small eCommerce team, we always looked for cost-effective white-glove services. I knew Rejoiner would be able to help us with all phases of email marketing: overall strategy, design, and development of emails, tracking, and more.


Once Rejoiner was selected to handle A.T. Cross’ entire email channel, they worked to develop a customized plan of attack.

They were scoped to deliver overall email strategy, design and code email broadcasts and automated lifecycle emails, provide list cleanings of current email subscriber lists, deploy 10-20 broadcast emails per month, provide email reporting, and set up necessary tracking. While doing all of this, they helped us navigate the tricky waters of GDPR compliance and process.

And Napa believes Rejoiner’s approach to list health, in particular, helped Cross see immediate results.

A.T. Cross had over 250K subscribers and over 75% of that list was unengaged, we reduced 76% of volume while increasing engagement rates, increasing attributable last-click revenue by 35.29% YOY and increasing overall the overall email conversion rate by 112% YOY (2.34% to 4.87%).


A.T. Cross

Industry: Writing Instruments

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Employees: 201-500

Who is A.T. Cross?

A.T. Cross was founded in 1864, and is one of the oldest pen manufacturers in the world.