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Pricing For Busy, Successful eCommerce Companies Looking For A Done-For-You Solution With A Guaranteed ROI

If you have a successful eCommerce company that is growing, and you're looking for new ways to maximize revenue and grow faster.

But you don't want to spend $50,000, plus time and energy you don't have:

Hiring new staff and training them up inside your business. Piecing together a designer, HTML developer, and a number of different contractors to launch and manage your lifecycle email campaigns. Training your existing staff on new software and best practices just so you can get the results you're after.

Of if you're unsure of the best way to segment and score your customer base and launch a lifecycle email campaign yourself...

Then Our Team's Done-For-You Solution May Be Right For You:

We'll take care of integrating the software into your eCommerce platform so that you can start tracking all abandonment & purchase activity on your website.

We set up the right segments and automated campaigns you need, guaranteed to succeed – because this is what we do every day and we know what works and what does not.

You'll get access to our team who will develop custom responsive HTML email templates for you each month to match your brand and make you more sales – meaning you never have to worry about hiring anymore people for this.

We'll increase your conversions and revenue every month by developing, executing and optimizing campaigns through A/B testing (included with the optimize package).

The Rejoiner Team: Mike, Ed, Karina and Max

Our Plans & Pricing

All packages include unlimited email sends with full service account management, plus unlimited HTML development, copywriting, campaign strategy and monthly reviews, to help you maximize ROI.



Reduce Cart Abandonment



  1. Cart Abandonment
  2. Browse Abandonment
  3. Whishlist Abandonment


  1. Email Analytics
  2. Funnel Tracking
  3. Pre-Submit Capture
  4. Custom Email Templates
  5. Frequency Capping
  6. Segmentation

Sites Tracked

1 Site


Retain Existing Customers



  1. All Recover Campaigns
  2. Plus
  3. Welcome
  4. Feedback Request
  5. Replenishment
  6. VIP Customers
  7. Win Back


  1. All Recover Features
  2. Plus
  3. Retention Triggers

Sites Tracked

1 Site

Optimize ADD-ON

Revenue Maximization

+ $500


  1. All Recover Campaigns
  2. All Retain Campaigns


  1. A/B testing
  2. Hold Out Testing
  3. Customer Scoring


Manage Multiple Sites

Contact Us


  1. All Campaigns Included


  1. All Recover Features
  2. All Retain Features
  3. All Optimize Features
  4. Plus
  5. Custom User Permissions
  6. Multi-Site Management

Sites Tracked

Unlimited Sites

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