Convert Abandoned Carts into Customers

Rejoiner is a cart abandonment email platform built for demanding online retailers.

How Much Could You Be Recovering?

Use our ROI calculator to find out.

  • Recovery Rate
  • Recovered Monthly
  • Recovered Annually
  • 5%
  • $24,750
  • $297,000
  • 10%
  • $49,500
  • $594,000
  • 20%
  • $99,000
  • $1,188,000
  • 30%
  • $148,500
  • $1,782,000
Normal Range

Why You'll Love Rejoiner

You'll be joining 300 online retailers that already do.

Personalize your remarketing
emails with data from the cart

1 to 1 personalization drives click-through & conversion. Inject the actual cart items that were left behind by customers & regenerate each cart regardless of
what device your email gets opened on.

Measure every email open, click,
conversion & dollar recovered

Your Rejoiner dashboard tracks abandonment rate, email open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and more. Identify opportunities to optimize your campaign and drive more conversions.
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Turn abandoned web forms into
actionable intelligence

Capture partial web form submissions prior to the submit button being hit. Allow customers to pick up where they left off by restoring their session when they return to your site.

An API built specifically
for online retailers

Our cart abandonment API enables retailers to capture transactional data from abandoned carts. Every datapoint can be leveraged to personalize & segment your cart abandonment email campaign.
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Expert support is always
a click or call away

Rejoiner is backed by a U.S-based team with 30+ years of SaaS & E-commerce experience. We understand the challenges faced by retailers
tasked with increasing their conversion rates. Meet our team »