Brands grow their email channel by 30% or more with Rejoiner. Here's how.


Rejoiner increased Bavsound’s email-attributed revenue by 130%

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Mother Dirt’s revenue earned from email has increased by 36%

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Email has become Triumph's top source of last-click revenue, increasing by nearly 40%

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Adam Saraceno

Rejoiner's emails alone accounted for $1 million–$2 million in direct sales lift in 2019, and their emails garner remarkable customer engagements.

- Adam Saraceno, CMO

Igor Credali

We really wanted to make sure that we created an experience with email. Rejoiner is helping KIKO make sure that our customers are engaged with our brand.

- Igor Credali, Digital & eCommerce Manager

After choosing Rejoiner in 2018, email now makes up 30% of H.V.M.N.’s total revenue

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Momentous’ abandoned cart conversions have increased by more than 62.5%

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A.T. Cross sent 76% less email while increasing attributable last-click email revenue by 35% YoY

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Big Chill Appliances’ email attributed revenue has grown 285% YoY in 2019

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Print Globe's email channel now makes up 19% of total site revenue

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Robbie Williams

Rejoiner offered us a quick and reliable service to send our consumers cart abandonment notifications. They bring the full package to the table–design, technical help and consulting expertise.

- Robbie Williams, Divisional Director of DTC eCommerce

An outstanding experience from day one! After adding Rejoiner to our marketing stack, we've seen tremendous growth in retention of abandoned carts. Rejoiner has been the most responsive vendor we have worked with; they made implementation a piece of cake. Quarterly business reviews also have been great at helping us evaluate progress and plan for the future.

- Christopher Griffith, Marketing Manager

Rejoiner's tech gives me straight numbers on revenue, ROI and potential gains. I like being able to easily grab a snapshot of my running campaigns and A/B Test on the fly. On that note, the effect is felt on the bottom line, measurably. That's more than I can say for other digital marketing platforms that promise the moon and then deliver crumbs.

- Elish Patel, Director of Digital Marketing & Growth

Rejoiner earns its ROI keep day in and day out. Rejoiner is very flexible software that allows us to properly segment, target, and optimize aspects of our email marketing. We have been working with the team for over two years and have been nothing but satisfied.

- Justin Sellman, VP eCommerce and Digital

Easy to Use, Effective, and High ROAS Rejoiner’s software seemed super intuitive and advanced. The best part was that set up, creative and deployment were all handled by Rejoiner, and they were willing to expedite launch so that I could have these emails in place before Black Friday.

- Erin Bayer, VP of eCommerce

Sarah Hendershot

We hired Rejoiner to help us improve our email marketing strategy and implementation. We were previously using Mailchimp and felt we were outgrowing their capabilities.

- Sarah Hendershot, Director of Marketing

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