Our Promise

Responsible remarketing practices

To Consumers


We will never sell, rent or share your data to third parties.

Your data is stored strictly on the behalf of the merchant's you visited.


We refuse to let merchants SPAM their customers with our system.

If we see abuse ocurring, we will take immediate action to correct it.

To Our Customers


As a merchant, you own the data collected on your checkout page.

You can export it or delete it at any time and your customer data will never be shared with anyone.


We will do whatever we can to help you create a sucessful campaign.

However, we will not tolerate any abuse or SPAM campaigns.


We will filter ALL sensitive data in real-time on the client-side. It never touches our servers and is never stored locally or remotely.

This includes credit card information & sensitive personal data.

Opt Out

If you would like to opt out of all Rejoiner tracking, simply enter your email address here and you will never be contacted by a merchant using Rejoiner.

Opt Out