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Top Features and Benefits for Online Retailers

Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate up to 15% and Recover Lost Revenue - Automatically

With 67% of all eCommerce transactions abandoned before completion, Rejoiner’s powerful and highly targeted cart abandonment campaigns, once set up, help you recover lost sales without having to lift a finger, scaling up and down with your traffic. Our customers see a 10% lift in revenue, on average, with a cart abandonment campaign.

Consistently Optimize Campaigns to Drive More Revenue

Your Rejoiner dashboard tracks abandonment rate, email open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, recoverable revenue and more, helping you identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns to increase conversions and drive more revenue.

Gain Million Dollar Insights into Your Customers

Uncover valuable qualitative insights such as visitor objections and friction points that stop your customers from buying. Problems uncovered because of Rejoiner include: problems with international credit cards, shopping cost calculation errors, SSL certificate expired, problems with gift cards.


Peak Design Has Identified Specific Customer Questions through the Emails That Get Sent Automatically through Rejoiner


Peak Design's Rejoiner Dashboard Peak Design's Rejoiner Dashboard


Peak Design makes photography equipment that’s quite innovative. Most people haven’t seen their products before which means they have a lot of questions, but what questions are they asking? When customers respond to a remarketing email with questions about a product, Peak Design makes a note and finds the best way to address customer questions on their product pages and support material.

Not only has Peak Design increased revenue from cart abandonment campaigns, but they’ve also gained priceless qualitative feedback from people who were about to buy their products. Through Rejoiner they can find out why potential customers didn’t buy, fix any problems found and increase conversions and sales consistently.

This allows them to answer questions before a customer abandons their cart because they haven’t had their question answered yet.

Adam Saraceno

“When you consider how much you earn back compared to how much it costs to do email remarketing, it ends up being a no-brainer. Plus, Rejoiner brings you closer to the experience visitors have on your site by helping you to learn what people are thinking and why they’re not buying products. The additional contact with customers has only made it easier to offer an even higher level of customer service and to learn more about customer needs.”

Adam Saraceno, Marketing Director, Peak Design


Peak Design Receives a Steady Flow of New Product Ideas and More Sales by Sending a Welcome Series of Emails to New Customers

After first time customers purchase a Peak Design product, they are automatically sent a Welcome Series of emails, welcoming the new customer to the Peak Design family. During the welcome series, new customers are offered an additional 15% off their next purchase if they fill out a survey (or new customer Share-A-Thon as Peak Design calls it).


Peak Design's Rejoiner Dashboard Peak Design's Rejoiner Dashboard


This survey provides Peak Design with valuable quantitative and qualitative for new product ideas, feedback on customer service, and it allows them to understand why customers bought, so they can further improve their landing pages, checkout flow and customer experience online.

Not only do they gather insightful feedback, they also drive repeat purchases from the Welcome Series, increasing the lifetime value of a customer to their business. If you’d like to run campaigns like this for your eCommerce store, or brainstorm different strategies applicable to you, then I invite you to book your demo now to see how Rejoiner can help.


Peak Design Sends Segmented Review Request Emails to Increase Trust and Drive Feedback

Using Rejoiner’s Segmentation feature, Peak design targets a specific set of 18 SKUs creating a targeted campaign for pos-purchase product-reviews. The campaign drives their customers to Amazon to add a review, creating a frictionless experience for the customer, while making it super easy for them to leave great feedback and in turn help drive more revenue from Amazon.


Peak Design's Rejoiner Dashboard Peak Design's Rejoiner Dashboard