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Turn email marketing into your #1 revenue channel

Certified Neto Technology Partner

eCommerce brands like these have generated $154,619,390.88 in revenue.

Why Rejoiner?


Proprietary identification methods enable merchants to associate email addresses with sessions that were previously unknown.


Combine browse, purchase, email engagement, and demographic customer data to build a rich profile of every customer.


From cart abandonment to weekly broadcast emails, Rejoiner provides one platform for your entire email channel.

How Rejoiner works

It starts with identification

Rejoiner uses a blend of proprietary technology to help merchants identify shopping sessions that were previously anonymous.

Identity gets
augmented with intent

We unify browsing traits, historical purchase data, email engagement signals, and demographics to build a rich profile of every customer and their likelihood to convert.

When profitable, we take action

Automated workflows deliver email marketing at the moments when it will have the highest chance of conversion, always in step with customer behavior and expectations.

Complete lifecycle automation achieved

From cart abandonment to price drop to weekly newsletter emails, Rejoiner provides one solution to address every phase of the customer lifecycle, enhancing customer lifetime value.

Email becomes a top 5 revenue channel

When you open Google Analytics, Rejoiner powered email marketing will occupy multiple lines of your top 10 sources of last-click revenue.

See it for yourself:


2017's Reviewer's Choice

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