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How can I...?

How can I schedule a demo?

We love doing live demos! Send an email to [email protected] with a couple of times that work for you.

How can I manually unsubscribe customers from receiving my remarketing emails?

You can manually remove customers from the remarketing queue by emailing [email protected] and placing their email address in the subject line.

How can I dynamically insert a customer's name into my emails?

Check out our documentation on injecting form data into your remarketing emails.

How can I rebuild my customer's cart when they click through a remarketing email?

You'll need to pass us a ""Return URL" that your cart platform understands is meant to rebuild the cart. This functionality is usually built server-side. Then, you'll inject the "Return URL" into your email template where a customer would click to return to their cart.

How can I inject cart items into emails?

First, you need to pass us cart data using our Javascript API. Then, you'll leverage our merge tags in your email template to inject the cart items. You can read more about how to do this in our documentation.

How can I verify my Rejoiner tags are set up correctly?

Send a note to [email protected] with your domain & the pages you have our tags installed on. We're happy to help you test.

How can I track campaign performance using Google Analytics?

You can add Google UTM parameters to your emails inside of the Rejoiner email editor. Or we can add them for you during the development of your email creative.

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Does Rejoiner integrate with my cart platform?

Check out our documented cart integrations to see if we have specific instructions for your platform. If you don't see your cart, we can usually support you with a custom integration.

Does Rejoiner integrate with Paypal?

Unfortunately, no. Paypal does not allow 3rd party Javascript to be installed on their checkout page.

Does Rejoiner integrate with Shopify?

Unfortunately, no. Shopify does not allow 3rd party Javascript to be installed on their checkout page

Does Rejoiner work with custom cart platforms?

Yes, absolutely. Check out our documentation for instructions on integrating with custom cart platforms.

Can I track a regular lead generation form?

Yes, Rejoiner can track any form on any site, as long as it isn't being populated inside an iframe (i.e. Wufoo forms).

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Do you have a partner/reseller program?

Yes and we'd love to chat with you. Send a note to [email protected] with a couple of times that work for you.

Do you offer commission if I refer my e-commerce clients to you?

Yes. If you are a consultant or agency who works with e-commerce clients, we offer a recurring commission on the business you refer to us.

Can I write a guest post for your blog?

Sure. Send a note to [email protected] with the topic you'd like to write about.

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How it works

How does Rejoiner define an abandoned cart?

A customer who comes to your site, carts an item, starts the checkout process, makes it far as entering an email address, but does not convert.

How do you know when customers convert?

Our conversion tag tells us when customers convert organically or via a Rejoiner campaign.

How does your attribution model work?

We define a "Rejoin" as a customer who has abandoned, received a Rejoiner email, opened or clicked-through that email, and then completed their order. We don't attribute a "rejoin" to your Rejoiner campaign unless we have proof that it influenced the customer to return.

What's the typical conversion rate for a Rejoiner campaign?

For online retailers, 10%-15% conversion is standard.

Do you capture sensitive information?

No. Rejoiner filters payment information and any other sensitive personal information client-side. It never touches our servers and is filtered in real-time.

Will your javascript slow down my site?

No, the Rejoiner tracking javascript utilizes the same technology used by Google Analytics to ensure that it's completely unobtrusive. It has been thoroughly tested and proven to be completely asynchronous to prevent unintended failures or have any impact on page-load time. Asynchronous simply means that Rejoiner's JavaScript does not block any other assets (images, css, copy, etc.) from loading on your site.

Can I use Rejoiner with my tag management system?

We currently have integrations with TagMan, Tealium & Ensighten. Email [email protected] if you have questions about other vendors.

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How do you handle unsubscribes?

Every Rejoiner email is populated with a unique unsubscribe link so that recipients can unsubscribe with one click. Once the unsubscribe link is clicked, recipients are taken to a branded unsubscribe page that confirms they've been unsubscribed from future remarketing emails.

How can I start the design process for my remarketing campaign?

Send a note to [email protected] and we'd be happy to get started on designing some email templates for you.

Why are real-time emails better than emails sent in a batch?

Timing is a critical component of your remarketing campaign and the most effective follow up occurs within 30 minutes of an abandoned cart. Batched emails may not be delivered within that window.

Can I change my email creative down the road?

Yes, you can manage all of your email creative from within your Rejoiner account. We also include creative updates (design & HTML coding) as part of your subscription.

What email analytics can I track?

We track email open rate, click-through rate, conversion and revenue generated for every email that's sent as part of a Rejoiner campaign.

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How does the 14-day free trial work?

Your Rejoiner trial starts on the day you recover your first cart. That means we've tested your integration, developed all of the creative, and you've seen value from the campaign before your trial starts.

Are there any extra fees for creative or set up?

Nope, no additional fees of any kind. Creative and integration are included as part of your trial.

How does pricing work for multiple sites?

If you have multiple sites you'd like to launch a Rejoiner campaign on, we simply add up the total checkout page traffic to arrive at one monthly subscription for all of your sites.

Can you work under a CPA model?

Yes. If you'd like to chat about working together on a CPA basis, send a note to [email protected].

Is there a contract?

No. Rejoiner is a month to month service that you can cancel at any time.

Do you offer an annual discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for 1-year subscriptions and a 25% discount for 2-years.

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