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We’ll integrate Rejoiner into your Magento platform so you can start tracking and measuring your cart abandonment rate and find ways to reduce it We analyze and optimize your checkout funnel to increase subscribers captured in the checkout process - so you can follow up with more prospects and make more sales
You can sit back and relax as our team of email marketers and designers craft beautiful responsive emails that render perfectly on any device and write irresistible copy to convert email openers into customers You can watch your ROI steadily increase as we systematically optimize your abandoned cart campaigns over time (customers generally see a 100% increase in revenue generated per campaign)

How Can Rejoiner Help You Fix Your Cart Abandonment Problem?

Convert Abandoned Carts into Customers with Perfectly Executed Cart Abandonment Emails

Rejoiner's cart abandonment email offering delivers precision scheduled, multi-stage email sequences so you can follow up with cart abandoners in real time. Personalization and recommendations are built in to guarantee your success.

Unlock Hidden Revenue You Didn't Know Existed

Gain new insight into your identifiable cart abandoner rate, how much revenue is being left on the table and plug the leaks in your checkout process with a perfectly executed cart abandonment email campaign.

Seamlessly Regenerate Cart Sessions Across Every Device to Increase Conversions

Most of the time, customers will open your cart abandonment emails on a different device than where the first order was started. Session regeneration restores a user's previous cart on any device, making it easy to complete the checkout process.

Identify a Larger Percentage of Shopping Sessions That Were Once Invisible

Site visitors used to be invisible until they signed in, but not anymore. With Rejoiner, track shopping activity as soon as an email address is entered into a form field on your site. This enables you to send targeted cart abandonment campaigns to a higher percentage of shoppers to generate more sales.

Powerful Segmentation for Higuer Converting Campaigns

Segmentation allows you to send the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. Sends emails based on customer demographics, transaction data, purchase history and behaviors. The results is more targeted, higuer converting campaign.

Measure Every Email Open, Click, Conversion & Dollar Recovered

Your Rejoiner dashboard tracks abandonment rate, email open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, revenue per email and more. Identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns and drive more conversions.

Gain Million Dollar Insights into Why Your Customers Aren't Buying

Uncover valuable qualitative feedback from customers about what causes them to abandon in the first place. Use this insight to eliminate friction points that stop customers from buying.

Intelligently Predict What Your Customers Will Want to Buy Next

Our recommendation algorithm predicts what products your customers may want to buy next and intelligently serves these items in your email campaigns. Recommend top selling items in the category your customers abandoned, top selling items across your entire catalogue, or items frequently purchased together to increase CTR and revenue per email.